Our story

Edvant Company Limited (Edvant Co Ltd.) is a leading educational software and hardware developing company. Our vision serves as the framework as being the company that connecting instructors and students. Our product and service aim to empower both parties to participate and create the most customized channel to drive them meeting their full potential in class. We strive to be the key for them to assess to the eternal and universe knowledge room.

Student-centered teaching application is our major concern which we do our best to provide the most sophisticated and innovative electrical tools and create the most advantageous teaching and learning circumstances to instructors and students.

EDvant Co Ltd has acquired an extensive expertise in learning enhancing tools. Having based ourselves on the characteristics demanded by partner institutions, we have developed streamlined, user-friendly and systematic applications that are now available to educational institutions and small and medium-sized corporates.

Edvant Company Limited


Unit 235, Building 16W, Phase 3, HKSTP, Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong

Phone: (852)  3565-6379