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We offer specialised services to either customise our existing solutions  to further meet your needs or develop a new solution from scratch based on your needs. 

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Featured work


Digest VR

This platform is designed for studying structure and function of human body, which will be extended to body regions or organs where endoscopic analysis is not possible. 

  1. Students can navigate the organs and tissues from the first-person immerse view of a “molecule”.
  1. Students explore the embedded questions furnished with videos and images by head-motion.
Science Mobile
Science Mobile

A database was built to enable the mapping of learning resources to QRCodes and bar codes. The Science Mobile App made use of the engine to build rich content for the learning of Chemistry-related, and food-safety-related knowledge associated with everyday products.


It is an event management platform that is particularly useful for events that need polling, voting or competition arrangements.

The making of event schedule with built-in polling and feedback collection functions.

Project to strengthen online teaching and learning capacities

QESS-funded project (Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Caritas Institute of Higher Education, and University of Wollongong College of Hong Kong)


Interactive online teaching


Comprehensive online assessment


AR/VR with gamification

Sea life VR trip

An app for students to learn sea life on the shore through augmented reality - visualising different kinds of sea creatures on the location and then click and know more about them.

VR baby care

A VR coursware designed to assist the learning of caring of babies by nurses in the ward.

Online Tutorial School System

Powered by our Everymeet, the system has an added calendar function for students to buy their own timeslots to meet the teachers online.


Online Mock Paper

An examination paper release system with time-release function for the running of mock examination at home during the pandemic.

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